Top 8+restaurants for best lobster roll in Portland Maine

If you’re looking for the absolute best lobster roll in Portland Maine, then look no further! The city is known as America’s seafood capital – and with good reason. From old-school shacks to trendy eateries, there are endless options when it comes to hunting down that perfect lobster roll. And have no fear – our guide is here to provide you with tips on where to get your hands on Portland’s most sought after seafood sandwich. Keep reading to discover the top spots in town serving up the juiciest, freshest lobster rolls this side of the Atlantic.

What Is A Lobster Roll?

A lobster roll is a classic sandwich that consists of sweet, succulent lobster meat tucked inside a soft bun. It can come with different types of condiments or toppings such as butter, mayo, celery, and more. This simple yet delicious dish has become a favorite among seafood lovers everywhere – especially in Maine.

Why Is Lobster Roll So Popular In Portland?

Portland is well known for its seafood, including lobster. The city sits right on the coast and has access to some of the freshest seafood in the world. Its proximity to Casco Bay gives residents and visitors alike access to delicious, freshly caught lobsters. This makes it a great spot for people looking for a classic – and delicious – lobster roll.

History Of The Lobster Roll And Its Origins In Portland

The first lobster roll is believed to have been served in New England in 1929. It was created by a local seafood vendor as a way of using up the extra lobster he had on hand. From there, the sandwich quickly spread throughout Maine and became popular amongst locals and tourists alike. By the 1950s, it was a staple of seafood restaurants all over the state – including Portland.

Different Variations Of Lobster Rolls Found In Portland

In Portland, you’ll find all types of lobster rolls. Some of the more traditional versions are served chilled with a side of mayonnaise and lemon juice, while others come loaded up with extra toppings like celery and bacon. There’s also the popular hot ‘lobster roll’, which is essentially a lobster salad sandwich served warm in a buttery toasted bun. No matter what you’re in the mood for, chances are there’s a lobster roll variation for you in Portland.

Benefits Of Eating A Lobster Roll In Portland Maine

When it comes to lobster rolls, Portland is the place to be. Not only are they delicious, but eating seafood like lobster can also have some great health benefits. Lobster is a high-quality protein that’s low in calories and fat while being packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium. Eating seafood can also reduce your risk of developing heart disease and can help keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Restaurants for best lobster roll in Portland Maine

And now, introducing best lobster roll in Portland Maine. Bite Into Maine – the newest kid on the block. This seafood joint serves up some of the most delicious lobster rolls in town, with an emphasis on freshness and flavor. Bite Into Maine is all about crafting unique recipes that bring out the best in their lobsters. From signature sandwiches to traditional favorites, you’re sure to find your perfect lobster roll here. So, come on down and give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Restaurants for best lobster roll in Portland Maine-Bite Into Maine

Portland Lobster Company

For truly traditional seafood with a modern twist, you can’t go wrong at the Portland Lobster Company. This family-run establishment is known for its locally sourced ingredients and made-from-scratch recipes. Of course, their lobster rolls are an absolute must! The classic version comes served on a toasted hot dog bun and piled high with fresh lobster meat, lettuce, and mayo.

Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

If you’re looking for something a bit different to try the best lobster roll in Portland Maine, try Susan’s Fish-n-Chips. Not only is the restaurant itself a classic seafood shack complete with kitschy decor and cozy seating, but fans of this spot swear by its unique lobster roll recipes. From garlic parmesan lobster rolls to ones topped with shredded cabbage and chipotle sauce, these lobster rolls are sure to tantalize any palate.

Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

The Highroller Lobster Co.

Finally, no list of the best lobster rolls in Portland Maine would be complete without mentioning The Highroller Lobster Co. This popular seafood spot has become a go-to for locals and tourists alike thanks to its generous portions and unbeatable prices. Plus, their classic lobster roll is made with succulent Maine lobster meat smothered in lemon butter sauce and served up.

Eventide Oyster Company

When it comes to the best lobster roll in Portland Maine, nothing compares to Eventide Oyster Company. Located in the heart of the Old Port, this chic and cozy eatery serves up a truly unique take on the classic seafood sandwich. The secret? Eventide combines fresh-caught lobster meat with crunchy fennel and house-made curry mayo, all of which is served up inside a soft brioche bun. This delectable treat has been drawing in locals and visitors alike for years.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

Finally, for the BEST lobster roll in Portland Maine, look no further than The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. This iconic seafood restaurant has been serving up some of the freshest lobster rolls since 1977. It’s a popular spot among locals and tourists alike – but don’t let the long lines deter you.

Becky’s Diner

Last but certainly not least, is Becky’s Diner. A long-standing favorite among the locals, this classic diner offers up some of the most lip-smacking lobster rolls in town. From their signature sandwiches to homemade chowders and seafood salads, you can find it all here at Becky’s. Try out their bestseller – a buttered and toasted New England-style bun overflowing with juicy lobster meat. It’s the perfect treat for any seafood lover.

Restaurants for best lobster roll in Portland Maine -Becky’s Diner

The Porthole Restaurant & Pub

And last but not least, is The Porthole Restaurant & Pub. This eatery serves up some of the juiciest, most succulent lobster rolls in Portland Maine. Their signature sandwich is generously filled with chunky chunks of sweet and tender lobster meat and served on a toasted potato roll. It’s the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold beer or glass of wine. So if you’re ever in the mood for a delicious Maine-style lobster roll, The Porthole is the place to go.

J’s Oyster

Last but certainly not least, J’s Oyster is another seafood restaurant you’ll want to add to your Portland Maine lobster roll bucket list. This classic spot offers up some of the freshest and most delicious lobster rolls in town. The highlight? Their signature sandwich which comes filled with succulent chunks of lobster meat and creamy coleslaw all wrapped up in a toasted bun. Be sure to swing by J’s Oyster for a luxurious taste of the sea.

Tips For Enjoying The Perfect Lobster Roll In Portland

If you’re looking for the perfect lobster roll in Portland, here are a few tips to help you out. First, make sure you get your lobster rolls from a reputable seafood restaurant that sources its ingredients locally. This will ensure that your sandwich is super fresh and delicious. Second, ask what type of condiments they use – some places serve their sandwiches with butter or mayonnaise, while others use more unique ingredients like celery and bacon. Finally, don’t forget to ask for some lemon wedges or hot sauce to add a little extra flavor.

Conclusion: best lobster roll in Portland Maine

When it comes to finding the best lobster roll in Portland Maine, there are countless options. From the classic sandwiches served up at The Portland Lobster Company to more creative recipes from Susan’s Fish-n-Chips and Eventide Oyster Company, no two restaurants serve up quite the same experience. With that said, one thing is certain – if you’re looking for the absolute best lobster roll in Portland Maine.

FAQ: lobster roll 

Where is the largest lobster roll in Maine?

Indulge in the ultimate Maine lobster roll experience at the iconic Taste of Maine restaurant. Don’t let the price deter you- if you’re making a special trip for this delicacy, go big or go home. Located along Route 1 in Woolwich, you won’t be able to miss this restaurant, topped with a giant lobster.

How much should I pay for a lobster roll in Maine?

Discover a variety of tantalizing seafood rolls, with prices ranging from the affordable $20 to the exquisite $30 range. Indulge in artisan creations from top-notch restaurants that exceed $30, or treat yourself to extravagant two-person lobster rolls priced at over $40. There’s a roll to satisfy every palate and budget.

How much is a lobster roll at Red’s Eats in Maine?

Red’s Eats is reopening with their famous lobster rolls, and this year they’re priced at $36 – a steal compared to last year’s $39. Despite the ongoing challenges in Maine’s lobster industry, including pricey fuel and bait, Red’s is determined to keep serving up their delicious seafood.

How much is a lobster roll at McDonald’s in Maine?

Experience a luxurious lobster sandwich filled with succulent lobster meat. Tossed with creamy mayo, nestled on a bed of crisp lettuce, and served on a toasted roll, this is not your average lobster roll. Indulge this summer without breaking the bank – all for just nine bucks at McDonald’s.

How much is the lobster roll at Disney?

Indulge in the mouthwatering “Lobster Roll” at Columbia Harbour House, priced at just $16.99. As a bonus, it comes with a side of crispy fries. Looking for a twist? Green beans and other sides can be swapped for fries, although they may not reach the gourmet level we’d expect from a theme park.

Why are lobster rolls so good?

Discover the secret to a perfect lobster roll – simplicity. With its sweet and delicate flavor, lobster shines when paired with just a hint of lemon or a touch of mayonnaise. No need for overpowering seasoning or sauces. Let the lobster be the star of the show.

Do you eat lobster roll hot or cold?

Discover the two delicious styles of lobster rolls: hot and buttery or cold and creamy. While the cold version is considered “traditional,” the fascinating history reveals that the very first lobster roll featured warm lobster drenched in butter, originating from Connecticut, not Maine.

Is a Maine or Connecticut lobster roll better?

Delicious Contrasts: Experience the distinct flavors of two iconic lobster rolls. The cold Maine lobster roll captivates with its briny taste, while the warm Connecticut lobster roll entices with tender lobster meat complemented by copious amounts of butter.

Why are lobster rolls so expensive in Maine?

Maine lobster scarcity brings sky-high retail prices and menu changes in restaurants. According to the New York Times, due to the lack of supply, prices have reached an all-time high causing some restaurants to remove it from their menu. Washingtonian magazine revealed that certain establishments charge $100 for a two-pound lobster, which is currently market price.

Which is better Maine lobster roll or Connecticut lobster roll?

Indulge in the Connecticut lobster roll, where velvety lobster meat is drenched in luscious, buttery goodness for a truly unrivaled taste experience.

What state is best known for lobster rolls?

Discover the quintessential American dish by trying out lobster rolls, which are most popularly linked with Maine state. Opt for chilled lobster rolls that go great with mayo sauces to taste the most authentic versions of this iconic sandwich.

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